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Poket's Mission | New Game and Poster

2015-07-17 12:56:45 by Barquero

A fun and challenging platformer. "The world is falling apart and the kids are hungry" life is difficult to succeed, and this family of wolves will need  your help. Poket as the head of this family, set out on a journey to find food for the little wolves.
Play the game here:

If you like the game you can support us buying this awesome print (even on Iphone cases )
Buy this awesome print here:

So yeah, hope you like it.

Shirts and more

2015-05-22 12:48:34 by Barquero

So the project continues, this time we have some funny cute frogs. Check out this new design, we have a lot of products with it, from shirts to iphone cases, hope you all like it :D

There are more colors

Pink Hat Shirts

2015-05-15 12:35:25 by Barquero

I´m an independent artist, to keep myself a float now I will be selling my designs on products at stores like Society6. Ssupport by giving an eye on my designs or sharing the link :D
More will come eventually, but for now I really hope you like this crazy design hehehe

Click here if you want to see more products with this Pink Gentleman °ω°

God! This is awesome!!
Well, I'm one funders of this creative group call SweetGray, and I'll be doing stuff there.
I feel amazing just to imagine I can collaborate with my art there because this people are so talented and full of potential!
The thing is that we are just beginning this long journey as artists and we need a little help. We end up with a patreon so if you like our ilustrations you can support us here:

You can see a video we made with some of our ilustrations, so hope you liked it owo (BTW I did the crab "Señor Crab"  hahaha)


How do you feel today?

2015-03-29 16:13:21 by Barquero

I dont feel quite good, I have no ideas for games, well, I have, but don't seem very interesting .... I need alcohol  ... 
xD hahaha But how do you feel today? owo

My new animation

2014-07-22 13:49:18 by Barquero

It's called "Have Patience" I wanted to make a short animation with some sort of moral, you know, something that  make you think, or at least that is what I want to. People around me are  forgetting what is important in life and they aren't patient at all, so, I took inspiration on that.
So yeah, hope you like : D

New Game

2013-11-30 14:15:29 by Barquero

Yeah! New game. I'm so excited I hope you like it :)
So, if you want to play it here is the link :D

New Game

I think I can do some Zelda "boss-fight" game or something, anyways, hope you like.

Legend of Zelda | Aquamentus boss fight

How do you feel? n_n

2013-04-01 22:26:00 by Barquero

So how are you? How do you feel? I hope you are right and feel good, like a, I don't know, like a happy person or something like that, life is not perfect, but, that make it interesting.
To be honest, I'm not happy at all, I really want this girl to be my girlfriend, you know, but nope, she doesn't want it. Yes I know friendzone! HAHA. (Did I use this post to said that?) Anyway, I always make post to see how people are, and how they feel. I'm a good listener n_n

Zelda fangame

2013-01-17 00:48:58 by Barquero

Hello! So, I'm working in a zelda game, but actually I need to improve a little bit, so, I decide start with this fan game of Nintendo Land: Zelda Battle Quest for Wii U.
The game is going to be quite simple, just move the mouse and click to shoot arrows to your enemies.
Hope you like the idea, see ya.

Zelda fangame